Your health and the human body are a complex, dynamic, interconnected systems revolving around three major pillars – structural, chemical, and emotional. This triad of health approach allows me to address the “whole person.” Only then can the root cause be discovered, and true healing begins.

Dr. Riley integrates alternative and mainstream treatment methods together. This combination primarily consists of using Applied Kinesiology, chiropractic techniques, nutritional biochemistry, functional neurology, soft tissue therapies, and more. This is not a band-aid approach of symptom suppression; this is a discovery to understand what is truly going on. Why do I have chronic headaches? Why do I have lower back pain?

Applied Kinesiology is a non-invasive system that utilizes manual muscle testing to evaluate the structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health (triad of health). Using manual muscle testing as our assessment tool, we are able to truly get to the root cause of your problems.

I help people get out of pain, increase function, discover underlying root causes, and create a path to restoring health. Aside from musculoskeletal pain or injury, I am also able to help support digestive issues, food sensitivities, skin conditions, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and much more. For a complete list of conditions, we help support. Click here to know more

The initial new patient examination lasts approximately 75 minutes. This way, treatment can begin upon the first visit. After a detailed case history, I may perform orthopedic/neurologic tests, range of motion, postural analysis, etc. Treatment will then begin, which may consist of specific chiropractic adjustment(s), Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing, diet and nutritional biochemistry recommendations, exercise and rehab instruction, emotional techniques, and much more.

  1. Riley charges by the amount of time spent with you.


In Person:

New Patient – Initial Consultation – 75 minutes – $350.00

Existing Patient – Follow-Up Visit – 45 minutes – $250.00


Under 13 New Patient – Initial Consultation – 75 minutes – $300.00

Under 13 Existing Patient – Follow-Up Visit – 45 minutes – $200.00



Virtual New Patient – Initial Consultation – 45 minutes – $300.00

Virtual Existing Patient – Follow-Up Visit – 30 minutes – $200.00


Under 13 Virtual New Patient – Initial Consultation – 45 minutes – $250.00

Under 13 Virtual Existing Patient – Follow-Up Visit – 30 minutes – $150.00

Dr. Riley is a non-participating provider with all insurance companies. Insurance dictates patient treatment plans and time. People come to see me because I spend more time with my patients, and results often follow when you spend more time with patients in my experience.

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